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Welcome to Rise of the Runelords

We’ve built characters. We’ll be ready to really dive into the adventure on Sunday the 30th!

If someone has to drop part way through, we might see about adding more people at that time. Also for the most part I’d like to run this at Mage’s Realm, but would be open to having an occasional meeting at a player’s home or mine.

For this campaign, you should be a young person living in Sandpoint or having recently returned after completing your studies abroad (wizards/clerics… that sort of thing). I will consider outside people from some of the surrounding Varisian cities as well, but if you have a good story for why your character would be there and so low level then we can probably work that out.

Unless you have a very convincing and/or compelling reason, no barbarians. Also while exotic races are fun, they don’t fit the flavor very well. However, we can discuss the more unusual race choices and how you plan to make it fit into the campaign.

You should also download this from paizo – http://paizo.com/products/btpy8tgl?Pathfinder-Adventure-Path-Rise-of-the-Runelords-Anniversary-Edition-Players-Guide

Still making comments here on the comment page. I can host forums on my website if we really need them, or we can make a Google+ circle… and use Google Calendar to schedule. Saves a bunch of money that way.

Home Page

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